The Mountain Approach

Step 1

Assess the Mountain

The introduction meeting. You will meet with one of our advisors to hear about who we are, what we believe about investing, financial planning, insurance, and estate planning. It is also an opportunity for us to listen and learn about who you are, your goals, and if we can be of service to you. The aim of this complimentary meeting is to provide you and us an opportunity to determine if we are a good fit for one another!

Step 2

Prepare for the Journey

Step two involves presenting you with a financial plan and discussing in practical terms how your goals can be achieved. We may also review other aspects of your finances such as cash flow analysis, your insurance needs, and estate planning. There are two types of financial plans we prepare:

1. 50 Plus Plan: Provides you with answers to questions such as

  • How much can you afford to spend in retirement? 

  • How long will the money last – will you be okay?

2. Under 50 Plan: Considers key factors including:

  • How much you should be saving for retirement?

  • Are you investing in an efficient manner?

  • Are you maximizing every dollar that you earn towards debt management, savings, and risk management?

Step 3

Making the Climb

We prepare a customized investment proposal that is designed to meet your financial goals. We do this by assessing your risk tolerance and based on your goals, we then select world-class investment managers and/or low-cost ETF solutions. We also implement any other financial planning goals such as automatic saving deposits, tax planning strategies, and any potential insurance needs. 

Step 4

Staying on the Right Path

Review meetings - these are annual or semi-annual meetings where we review and monitor your financial situation to ensure that you remain on track to achieving your goals. WE discuss economics, review your investments, and determine if any changes are required. Life is always changing and we want to ensure that we are there to help you when your finances do too.

Contact Information
Address: 4105, 230 Eversyde Blvd SW
               Calgary, AB T2Y 0J4
Tel:        403-245-2574
Business Hours: 8:00-5:00 pm (Monday - Friday)
About Camaco Financial Group Inc.
Camaco Financial Group Inc. specializes in retirement investing, financial planning, and insurance. Since 1977, the Calgary-based firm has established long-term relationships with many Albertans by providing honest, trustworthy & high-quality advice. 
Camaco Financial Group Inc.
*Mutual funds are offered through IPC Investment Corporation